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Hello and welcome to www.casinos-online.com/uk! My name is Martin Hueber, and I am the Editor in chief of this website. Wondering how I got into gambling? It all started back in Volcach, my home town, where my father and I loved to play football in our spare time. In fact, I became so interested in the sport that I even managed to get into an excellent junior football club. Unfortunately, however, things did not go as planned, and when I was ten years old, I got a bad injury that prevented me from playing for a long time. Needless to say, I was devastated but eventually managed to get over the emotional and physical trauma with the help of my parents.

Martin Hueber – editor and casino expert
Hello! I am Martin – the Editor of this Page
Born:07.03.1980, Volkach, Deutschland
Education:Technical University of Cologne , Online Editor
Hobbies:Football, Casino Games

As time went by, I discovered a surprising interest in world literature and started to spend long hours in the libraries. My mother, who was a dedicated teacher, managed to see my writing talent and encouraged me to work with some of the best private tutors in the town. Our efforts eventually got paid off when I got accepted at the Technical University of Cologne. Luckily, my student years gave me the opportunity to improve my skills by taking a wide variety of optional courses such as journalism, research techniques, audio and video production, photography, web design and many more!

I graduated with honours and was ready to take on a new professional challenge. As my passion for sports had not gone throughout the years, I decided to start writing about football. Even though my injury has forced my to abandon my career as an athlete, I have always followed the latest sports news and have even betted on sports several times as a student. In fact, while I was at the university, I also discovered a surprising interest in various casino games such as roulette and slots. I loved to play with a strategy and have always tried to find new ways to increase my chances to win.

Eventually, a small sports magazine noticed my skills and knowledge in the field of sports and gambling and offered me my first graduate job. I worked there as an editor for three years, during which I managed to improve my skills and become a qualified professional. My dedicated work and efforts paid off when I was invited to join the editorial team of a big online newspaper. I managed to become a valuable part of their team and only after a year, I got promoted and became a manager of the sports editorial staff.

My rich professional experience has indubitably helped me understand the importance of my role as an editor, writer and a gambling expert. Thus, while I indubitably enjoyed my time as an author at an important online media, I felt the need to prepare an independent project and share my knowledge with all online players. In 2018, I finally found the time to fully dedicate to www.online-casinos.com – a website where you will find unbiased and fair casino reviews and valuable information about all types of gambling. I truly hope that you will find our site useful and that we will manage to provide you with plenty of safe and fair gambling options